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【 HGZQ30G02 】

Steam Hot Pot

Product specifications
  • Capacity : 8 L
  • Power supply : 220V 50Hz  1500W
  • Dimentsions (HxWxD) : 410 x 360 x 276 ( mm )
  • Weight : 4.6 kgs
1. Water vapor separation, steam heating by circulation, keep original flavor.
2. With hirl heating, double effect circulative heating, the heating element combined with pot tightly, energy conservation efficiently.
3. With water vapor separative technique, steam be circled around inside hot pot by high-speed, the food will not be absorbed moisture, keeping fresh and nutrition.
4. With high temperature 105℃ preserving fresh, keeping nutrition and original flavor, reducing cooking time.
5. Food grade 304 stainless steel, safety without odor, keeping nutrition and health, including: a). grease proofing coating  b).wrapping fresh coating
6. Multi-function : steam, cooking, stew, gravy, there are many different cooking wys for your choices.
7. Transparent cover, cooking procedure easy to control, stand type cover, saving space.
8. Transparen truler, easy to control water level, avoiding to empty burning.
9. Micro-control panel, multi-function for choices, easy to operate.
10. With six section power supply, from 150W to 1500W, for your choices.
11. Predetermined 12 hours automatically, after cooking finish with 300 minutes keeping-warm function automatically.
12. Safety: power off when lacking of water. The icon on let side will glisten and send alarm voice.
13.Convenience: detachable structure, easy cleaning, neat and tidy.